Storing Your Clothes Properly For The Long Term

Clothes, just like any other item, will wear down after a certain period of time passes. This is hard to avoid if you are using your clothes on a regular basis. After a few years pass, your clothes will inevitably wear out, their colours being washed out and any nice graphics you had on them will be nigh on unrecognizable. Even then, you can be happy that you managed to use these clothes a long time, which isn’t something you can regret doing.

On the other hand, there are times when you find out that clothes you have hardly ever worn during the last few years have become unusable due to poor storage conditions. Since you probably paid a significant amount of money to buy them, it may prove to just be a waste since you won’t be able to wear them any longer. This is why you have to proper steps to ensure that you store your clothes correctly for the long term, as this is not quite the same as hanging on them on some non slip hangers you have lying around.

  • Wash them First – Before preparing clothes for storage purposes, put them into your washing machine (or hand wash them if that is the correct washing procedure) and give them a good ironing once they are dried. Dirty clothing isn’t ideal for storing for several reasons: there is no guarantee that you will be able to clean all the spots and dirt patches once you take them out in a few years’ time. Furthermore, things like sweat and stains may attract insects to your clothing, thus damaging them even further.
  • Check for Appropriate Storing Conditions – You should already have your good trouser hangers placed in a proper storage area devoid of moisture and sunlight. The same type of care you apply to the clothes you use daily needs to be applied to clothes that you are going to store as well. Extreme conditions like intense heat or high humidity can cause significant damage, which is further multiplied by the fact that stored clothes will not be taken out frequently.
  • Use Moth Balls – While some are against the use of moth balls, they can still prove to be effective, provided you take old moth balls out once a year and replace them with new ones. When placing moth balls, take care not to place them directly over your clothing items: they should go on top of or below your storage containers. If you really can’t stand the smell of both balls, you can use some alternatives like those balls made of cedar woods, work exactly the same way.

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