Choosing The Right Shades For Your Face Type

Sunshades are not just a fashionable accessory: it safeguards harm to our eyes, protection from harmful ray emitted by the sun, reduces lethargy from the glare and adds consistency to our face and our image overall. All of this based on what type of sunshades we choose suitable for us. Consider doing this following activity: take a marker that erases off easily or lipstick and stand before your mirror, then carefully trace your face. Beginning from the bottom of your face and all the way up to your hairline. After you are done observe the outcome.

Round face

Based on the result you received after outlining your face, if you have a round face your outline, or the length and width, of your face should most likely be very similar. No sharp angles and a gentle, smooth hairline at its finish. The aim in selecting sunglasses Southport for your face should be to make your face seem longer. Choosing frames that are darker in color can help you do so. It tends to taper the face and contours the face an elliptical shape. In order to balance the proportions of your face you must select a frame greater in width and not in height. Consider these shapes of frames for when you are choosing shades for your round face: wayfarers, narrow bridged glasses, cat’s eye glasses, square glasses and aviators. Frames you should definitely not try are: glasses with sharp edges, glasses that cover the eyebrows, round glasses and narrow frames.

Square face

If the length and width of your face are almost identical it is most likely that you have a square shaped face. Broad and gaunt chin and cheekbones, jaw and forehead are in par with a vertical hairline. Frames that are sharp and rectangular tend to add too much to the outlines of your sharp featured face. Instead going for frames with roundness will alleviate your features in a proportional context. Frames suitable for your face would be: aviators, glasses without frames, broad frames, frames in proportion to your face width and length and oval shaped frames. Frames that would not go in par with your face shape would be sharp edged frames, petite frames and frames that are wider than your face. Nevertheless choosing sunshades prescribed by your great optometrist in Southport would definitely be more optional than just choosing frames that suit your face. If you are a person with visual problems getting prescribed shades would be best for your eyesight.

Oval face

The length of your face is greater than the width, cheekbones are formed as the widest part of your face and your chin is rounded. Your forehead width is just a tad bit greater than your jaw. Your aim when choosing glasses suitable to your oval face should be to not interrupt. Refrain from choosing frames that appear to be big. If the frame could be in par to the width of your face it would complement your shape. Again do not choose one that covers your eyebrows, make sure it is aligned to your eyebrows. Shapes suitable for your face would be: butterfly glasses, cat’s eyes glasses, aviators and glasses with a thin and fine lined frame. Frames that do not fit your face are glasses with narrow frames, sharp edges, that are too big and that are too wide.

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